What Is Eduroam?

It is abbreviation of Education Roaming. Eduroam, working on RADIUS-based 802.1x security standard, aims seamless network usage of users of eduroam member institutions in other member educational institutions. The user of an eduroam member institution can use his/her username and password duo to connect to another member institution's eduroam wireless network. The user sends a request to the host institution, while the host institution's authentication server directs the connection request to the home institution's authentication server and the user is determined whether or not to be authorized by the home authentication server. All these queries are sent back and forth between servers through an encrypted tunnel, hence the user name and password pair is visible only in the home server. The only thing user needs to do in this case, is to define the visited institution eduroam wireless network like their institution's network. In order to see participants within the confederation, please visit eduroam web page.

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