Wireless Connection Settings

To access University wireless network, please read the guide carefully and apply necessary process step by step.

Firstly, turn on your computer’s wireless connection and see if you have following connections


  • Only our university staff and students can connect RTEU.Net. Click on RTEU.Net and after connection apply following steps:

  • Visitors should use “eduroam” to connect internet. The visitor can use his/her own institutions credentials to connect. Other steps are as follows:

  • Open any website with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. And enter your details as shown:

1. Username and Password for Academic and Administrative Staff

Use your institutional email address and password provided by our University.

  • Password contain no Turkish characters. If it contains, please change your password.

  • Don’t share your password with anyone.

Example: username = name.surname@erdogan.edu.tr password: xxxxxxxx (password provided)

Note: During connection, leave the login page open. Then click “log off” to exit.

2. Username and Password for Associate, Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Use your institutional email address and password provided by our University.

Username: [NAME]_[SURNAME][YEAR THE MAIL ADDRESS GIVEN]@erdogan.edu.tr

Password: Last 4 digits of your Turkish national ID number.


12345678912 TC nolu Gökhan Özçelik için -> gokhan_ozcelik15@erdogan.edu.tr

In order to learn your email address, click “What is my Email Address?” And enter your name, surname and Turkish National ID Number.

You can use internet. Click log-off to exit.

To change your password, access REBIS.

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