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16 Mayıs 2018 Çarşamba

With her latest disgraceful decision to move its Embassy to Jerusalem, the United States of America (USA) has completely disregarded the international laws, the United Nations’ resolutions, the historical and social realities of the region and thus called for instability and chaos, while instigating the terrorist State of Israel to commit massacre. And because this shameful decision has been deliberately implemented on the day (the 14th of May) of the NAKBA’s 70th anniversary, it is an open provocation.

We loudly and strongly condemn all the perpetrators of this massacre and their accomplices who appear to be acting and behaving in the first quarter of the 21st century with a Crusader’s mind. The fundamental rights of the innocent Palestinians have been continuously, years and years, violated by the Sionist State; their basic rights of freedom have been deprived and now they have been subjected to this massacre before the eyes of all the international World, who are supposed to stand up, raise their voices altogether and stop this inhuman act and brutality with a collective resolution. This despicable and criminal act of the State of Israel is not acceptable at all!            

No doubt that the history will mark these days as a black stain. Needless to say, Palestinians have the right to protect and defend themselves. It is the State of Israel, the occupier and its custodian, the USA who have openly committed a state-terror by using forces against the innocent people. We appeal to the United Nations and The Hague International Court that they act immediately to launch a legal suit against Trump and Netanyahu in the name of justice and international law. What happened to your conscience and your commitment to justice?

We express our profound condolences to all Palestinians and keep them in our hearts and prayers while they are defending their basic rights to live and protect their dignity. We believe and still have hope that the whole World will soon come to their senses and realize that not only many innocent people have been martyred but also justice and international law violated. We, therefore, invite all those who have conscience to stand firmly with the people of Palestine and to raise their voice unanimously and condemn vehemently the ongoing injustices of the USA and the State of Israel. Let us not forget that ‘when all is over, the only thing we continue to remember will be the silence of our friends in the face of these shameful acts’.

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