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Adnan ER


Units Attached and Responsibilities

Secretary-General is the head of all administrative units and is responsible to Rector. Secretary-General performs following tasks through units attached:

  • Ensuring administrative units to work effectively, efficiently and coherently.

  • Performing necessary tasks to specify agenda of Senate and Executive Board of the University.

  • Serving as a clerk in Senate and Executive Board of the University without suffrage;

  • Conveying the decisions made by Senate and Executive Board of the University to attached units.

  • Proposing staff to Rector to be assigned in administrative units.

  • Performing activities of press and public relations.

  • Performing correspondence of Rectorship

  • Arranging protocol, visit and ceremonies of Rectorate

  • Performing other tasks provided by Rector, Executive Board and Senate of the University within the framework of law, code and regulation

  • Performing correspondence of Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs

  • Performing correspondence of Directorate of Press, Information and Public Relations

  • Performing correspondence related to information request received through Presidential Communication Centre (CIMER) and Prime Ministry Communication Centre (BIMER)


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İbrahim AVCI


Units Attached and Responsibilities

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