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About Us

Law on the Right to Information published at the Official Gazette No. 25269 of 22/10/2013, came into effect on 24/04/2004. According to the Article 14 of the Law, The Board of Review of Access to Information has been established to review the administrative decisions, and to make decisions regarding institutions and agencies on the exercise of the right to information. In our University, the unit is established under Directorate of Press, Information and Public Relations.

The application for information request has to be related to information or documents the university holds due to its tasks. 

How to Apply

There are four ways to apply to state institutions:

  • By using sample petition published with the law
  • Petition written by hand or computer
  • E-mail
  • Fax

The result of the application concerning himself/herself shall be made known to the petitioner in writing within 15 working days. If it concerns multiple institutions, the information shall be made known within 30 working days. If prolongation of the period is in question, the reason has to be made known to petitioner within 15 working days.

If access to information is charged, please make the payment to the following bank account number:

  • Ziraat Bank, Rize City Centre Branch
  • 4658 1086 – 5002 (account number)
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